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I crave touch, yet I flinch every time someone is close enough.

I have become rather fearful I suppose.  (via dollpoetry)



Tokyo Disney Resort: Halloween 2014:)

So their theme this year is… flappers? Mardi Gras? Either way I AM HYPED

Missing Pieces | Oswald and Mickey



Mickey rolled his eyes and made his way to the door. “Oswald what did ya bring now? A piano or somethin’ ya can’t take through the…door?  What happened?” Mickey asked as he opened the door.  He couldn’t help but giggle at the sorry state his brother was in. “Looks like I got a..head of myself.”

"That was so funny Mickey that I forgot to laugh." Oswald comented in a rather bitter tone. Usually he would take that as a joke too, but having your body pratically stollen was not exactly fun. "Are you going to give me a hand here or what?"

"Looks like…like you need more than just a hand there" Mickey said as he doubled over with laughter. "What did ya do?! Gamble away yer body parts?  Or was it Pete again?"

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Does everyone remember that part of Kingdom Hearts 2 when we all thought that Goofy had really died and Mickey Mouse actually said the words, “They’ll pay for this…!” then threw off his Organization cloak like a stone hard boss and went to exact vengeance for his fallen friend?


I mean, this is a canonically accurate depiction of what Mickey Mouse would do if one of his friends were killed and nobody ever talks about it.

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"Well hi there, little guy! What are you doing all the way out here?"




"I-I’m lookin’ fer my captain.  W-we docked and I wanted ta explore, but n-now I dunno how ta get back!" The young mouse said with big sad eyes.

Mickey took a few more steps back. “Y-yer him?! B-but ya don’t seem evil..y-ya hurt my captain!! Made that mean old croc wanna eat him!”

He timidly lifted up his fists. “I-I’m a pirate.” He said nervously.

  ”What!" Peter said, raising a brow. "You’re telling me Hook is your captain?”

"Why would you ever be part of his crew!”

"Yes he is! He’s nice and-and he likes me! He’s gonna protect me, and I’m gonna be a real pirate like him." Mickey said proudly, those his voice quivered a bit from being scared. "He..he found me. I was all alone and scared and he found me. I feel safe around him, he’s my hero!"


"You mock my pain, never do it again!! I DIED THAT DAY!"

Minnie as Buttercup:/ ~sigh~ it always looks nice until i post it up.


Walt and Lillian Disney


"In the Kingdom Hearts series, Donald has the highest Magic stat in every game he is a playable/party character in and, as shown in 358/2 Days, the strength of his magic surpasses even Xemnas, who’s the "Nobody" of Xehanort who has been said to have only rivaled by Maleficent, making Donald more powerful than even Maleficent, and no doubt all the other magical characters in the series.

If this magic were to be carried over in his other appearances, and combine with his increased physical strength when angered, Donald could possibly be one the most powerful beings in the Disney Universe.”

Remember when I found out about this 8 months ago? Just a  casual reminder…[X] (via duckavenger)

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A Magical Adventure | Minnie and Little Mickey



Minnie looked down at the pouting Mickey. She had loved seeing his face light up at the sight of Ariel, and so she got a great idea. Their next ride would be Voyage of the Little Mermaid. “Did you like that mermaid?” Minnie giggled. As the…

Mickey’s eyes widened seeing all the colorful fish and music of under the sea. He was still scared being ‘under water’ but there was just so much to take in!

He was feeling a little better seeing Ariel singing, but the moment the eels showed up Mickey was hiding in her side again to hide from the scary octopus lady. He didn’t see much if the ride after that.

After they left the ride, Mickey tugged on Minnie’s arm. He wanted to pick a place to go. And he saw a sign that said ‘Toon Town’. “Please? Please?! It’s a town just for toons like us!!! No humans allowed, right?”

An Awakening of Sorts | Mickey, Hook, & Sally



His eyebrows lowered at the mention of the witches’ rudeness, and had she said they could help rather than saying they probably could not, he would have made a comment to match his thoughts, something along the lines of, ‘We’ll see if I can change their mind about manners.’

As she continued, his frown faded slowly. He had guessed she would not really be able to help, even before she admitted it herself, and nodded once. “No apology is necessary, I thank you for trying to think of something that might help. I could not have asked for more than that, even from Jack.”

Hook blinked at hearing Mickey, and glanced toward him, slightly puzzled. If he could remember that was a nickname for her, why didn’t he remember at least what had happened to him to make him so small. Well, perhaps it could come back to him eventually, until then, however… the pirate put a hand on his face and grumbled, “I really don’t want to consult Chernabog.” But he could think of no other option, save leaving the mouse as he was and hoping his memory came back. That would take time, though, and Mickey had a family that needed him. It was the only idea the captain had left, even if he was dreading it.

She, as well, was a bit surprised by the mouse’s sudden stutter of a nickname. Her nickname. “Yes…” She replied softly, keeping her actions slow, not to frighten him. 

Her expression then twisted with confusion, glancing up at Hook.

"Chernabog? The name seems familiar, but I don’t recall meeting him… Is he a villain?…" Sally asked, quite curious as to why the pirate didn’t want to bother this stranger. 

Mickey sat for a moment, clinging to his head, it felt so fuzzy inside.  Like something was missing and it he made him so frustrated!  Why was that momma?  Momma was a mouse like him!  She wasn’t a mouse, and yet, she was momma too.

"Wh-who’s Chernabob?" He asked after a moment, looking between the two of them.

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Missing Pieces | Oswald and Mickey



Mickey was busy setting things in place for his visit to Ostown.  His house was a near identical replica, though some things were missing.  Like extra clothes, which Mickey had packed.  His ears twitched hearing the knock on the door. “C’mon in Oswald!  Door is unlocked!”

 He would open the door if he could reach the handle. But then, he was just a head now, so yeah, no way of doing that. “I think you will have to come out here!” Oswald shouted to his brother. There wasn’t much else to do but to wait.

Mickey rolled his eyes and made his way to the door. “Oswald what did ya bring now? A piano or somethin’ ya can’t take through the…door?  What happened?” Mickey asked as he opened the door.  He couldn’t help but giggle at the sorry state his brother was in. “Looks like I got a..head of myself.”