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imagining your otp doing the forehead touch is literally the most important thing in the whole world. everybody take a second and stop scrolling and imagine your otp doing the forehead touch. okay. you can move on now.


Someone declared that Mickey’s keyblade is a mousekatool. I am surprisingly okay with this.


Tokyo Disney Resort: Mickey & Minnie:)

Tokyo Disney Resort: Mickey & Minnie:)
"Well hi there, little guy! What are you doing all the way out here?"

"I-I’m lookin’ fer my captain.  W-we docked and I wanted ta explore, but n-now I dunno how ta get back!" The young mouse said with big sad eyes.

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An Awakening of Sorts | Mickey, Hook, & Sally



As the ship began to descend, he barked for sails to be closed, and eventually the ship stopped almost entirely. The little bit the Jolly Roger had still been drifting over the large patch was halted completely when the anchor was dropped and buried in the dark dirt. Admittedly, that would leave a rather deep mark, but he’d apologize if called for later.

"It’s not really the time of year for that, but I don’t know that much about this place, except for two of it’s inhabitants, so you may or may not be able t’ coax something from someone," he replied to the toon, before leaving the wheel and walking down the stairs to the main deck. Noticing the uneasiness of his crew (this world was not the most ideal for some of the superstitious men), Hook did not have the gangplank lowered, only a rope thrown over the side, before looking to Starkey, "If anyone gets any ideas about leaving before I get back, shoot them."

"…Aye sir." And with that, James looked at the mouse on his shoulder again. The only warning the small creature received was, "Hold on," before the captain half hopped over the railing, rope in his metal hand to avoid rope burn as he slid down the side and was shortly on the ground straightening his coat. It was then he addressed the familiar stitched doll that had reached the ship, "Good day, miss Sally, is Jack around? I have a small…" glancing at Mickey, he frowned, "Problem he might be able t’ help me with."

Thankfully the ragdoll made it in time, staring up at the ship with a curious gaze. She jumped when the anchor slammed into the ground… Thankfully, it didn’t hit her, but a group of ghosts erupted from their graves, letting out groans in unison. Upon hearing that, Sally bit down on her lip. They were supposed to be in a deep slumber until Halloween. 

Her thoughts were quickly torn away from that subject as Hook and…what appeared to be a mouse perched on his shoulder like a parrot.. suddenly slid down the rope of the anchor and landed in front of her. Moments after being addressed, the ragdoll’s stitches twitched up into a tired grin.

"Greetings, Captain." She spoke quietly, looking him over— or rather, looking at his ‘little friend.’ "Unfortunately, no. Jack had left some time ago… He’s running around the Hinter Lands most likely, asking if any other holiday folk may want to celebrate Halloween with us." Sally gave a short nod, before placing her hands together and tipping her head.

"Is there anything can help you with? After all, I am in charge while he is away… surely theres something I can do.” 

Mickey squeed as they went over the side of the ship. It was so FAST!!  He hung on tightly to Hook’s neck as they slid, not tight enough to hurt him, but tightly.

After they landed Mickey saw the human-like person in front of them and partially hid in Hook’s hair.  Shyly he poked his head back out, seeing she wasn’t exactly a human, maybe she was a human toon?  He’d heard of them, his aunt had been one, and she seemed nice from what he remembered. “T-trick or treat?” He squeaked before hiding again.

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Walt Disney running with penguins at the London Zoo. So much win in one photo

Oh my goodness this is too cute.

An Awakening of Sorts | Mickey, Hook, & Sally



Hook frowned at the question, and was silent for a few moments as he considered an answer. When he did, he did not even attempt to address any of the childish mentality Mickey had mentioned as his reasons for the inquiry, only the main point, “…All mortals -and even some immortals- are afraid occasionally, Mouse, any who says otherwise is either very naive or simply lying t’ defend their pride.”

Through the star they went, and everything changed in seconds. Blue skies grayed, and leaf-less trees with dark earth about them appeared below, along with traces of a fog. Picking Mickey up so he could see, the captain pointed toward what looked like a version of a small city in the distance, “That… would be Halloween Town.”

That small city was rather lively. The citizens of it scuttled around, preparing for that one certain day. In the center of this bustle, was a ragdoll, the ‘Pumpkin Queen’ if you will. “Alright everyone, it’s only 100 days until next Halloween! We must keep our work up, as well as our attitudes, and this year, it’ll be the best yet!” She announced in a loud voice, especially one for for the ragdoll.

"Now Behemoth, you can’t eat the candy yet… You know very well that it’s for the children, and we can have what’s left— Shock, Lock, Barrel, that does not mean you can have it yet! You must trick or treat on Halloween like all of the others." She gave a curt nod, before sighing and turning around. Her eyes were shut, and she rubbed her forehead. Sally grumbled, before opening up her eyes again and seeing…something strange. A pirate ship. Here? The large boat seemed to be floating over the Hinterlands, descending to land in the pumpkin patch, right around the area of Spiral Hill. 

While she had a good idea who exactly this was, she still needed to go see for herself. With a deep breath, the ragdoll ran as fast as she could, hopefully to catch the ship while it landed. 

Mickey’s eyes widened. Everybody got scared sometimes?! It was both relieving to hear and scary to hear.  If everybody got scared, did that mean even Hook got scared? But Hook was his hero and heros aren’t supposed to get scared….right?

He was quickly taken from these thoughts as Hook lifted him up to see. “H-halloween…town?  A whole town for Halloween?  D-do we get ta trick or treat?!” Mickey asked excitedly.  He’d heard about trick or treating, he supposed he’d must have done it before he lived with his uncle, but he couldn’t remember it. “It’s kinda pretty here.”

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       he’s magic and m y t h
             as strong as what I believe

and a [ tragedy ]

      with more d a m a g e
             than a soul should see


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