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Before I go to bed, I also just wanted to share that this.

Was a thing.

That happened. 

Don’t you forget it.

Why do I imagine ‘grease’???

(Summer loving plays)



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☠ ur turn))


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Now Im drawing wedding kisses.

Well not so much feels.

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            You have the gall to call me w e a k?

       After       everything I have            survived              through? 

                        Everything you have D O N E  to me? 

                          I am stronger than you ever were

                                   And I will  break  you

                                                                               Like you { broke } me.

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A Much Needed Reunion : Mickey and Lilo





Lilo looked up, ice cream caking her face. “She gave me permission. So, I do not see anything wrong with it.” She dug her face back into the ice cream and continued to eat, it was her favorite thing in the world. She didn’t care how much she ate or anything. If she had a say she would have it every day of the week. 

Lilo nodded to his comment. “It is totally worth it though.” 

"Gosh, wish me and my sister were that close. Or me and my brother.  But I guess that’s what happens when yer separated for so long. Ya just don’t get ta be that close.  Kinda jealous now." Mickey said with a grin.  "What’s it like, havin’ a big sister around?"

Lilo stuck her tongue out. “Horrible. She is crazy. And mean and controlling and thinks she knows everything.” She flung her hands out into the air and sighed. “But I love her anyways. She does take care of me.” She shrugged. “I know more than she does though.”

Mickey chuckled at this. “I bet ya do, the littlest siblings always know the most, don’t we?  But ya know, I bet she isn’t tryin’ ta be mean, she probably just wants ta keep ya safe.  I think that’s how older siblings are supposed ta work?  And the only ones allowed ta pick on ya are yer older siblings!”

An Awakening of Sorts | Mickey and Hook



Mickey watched the hand with wonder before his ears perked up hearing Hook say to hang on, which the little mouse promptly did.  He rushed forward and clung to Hook’s leg, but at an angle where he could watch the stars getting closer.

The little mouse gasped in awe as the ship began to fly.  It was the most amazing feeling in the world!  Gently he reached up and touched the wheel before going back to holding onto Hook’s leg. “Th-this is…just amazin’!”

The pirate blinked at his choice of a bracer, but only rolled his eyes and refocused on the stars. The ship continued to climb, but as it rose, it turned toward a different star than the one that would have been use, one more over than the second star to be specific.

"It is…" he intoned at the youngster’s observation, before finally looking down at him again. "I should probably warn you, this place we’re going to… It’s probably nothing like you’ve ever seen, I’d say it’s even scary t’ most. But appearances are not always all there is to someone, just remember that."

"S-scary?  I-I’m not scared! P-pirates don’t get scared, right?" Mickey said as he continued to hug Hook’s leg. "Cause I’m gonna be the best pirate ever so I can be part of yer crew!  So…So I gotta be like one!"

Mickey watched as they got closer and closer to the star until finally they had made it all the way through. “Gosh…where are we?”