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Halloween Season 2013 by Bert Snyers

I just found out that in KH 2.5 the Re:Coded cutscene movie is going to be narrated by Mickey!




That is a pretty awesome Beast costume for a kid.

{ Doodle before bed because Hook is receiving hugs against his will in chat

(Mickey loves giving hugs!)

An Awakening of Sorts | Mickey, Chernabog, Hook, & Sally




Chernabog looked at the dragons, hoping the Ragdoll Dragon would eat soon, so he could go about his business. He really was a very busy deity, he had people to go maim, curse, and reward.

"If you both would hurry this along? I have another meeting in about an hour or so…" He called out the the dragons. He didnt fear them, why should he…… other then the fact that they were likely alot more resistant to magic now.

"Keep your eyes closed still Mouse." He said softly to the mouse.

The rag-dragon grunted towards this call from Chernabog, eyes focused ahead on the animals. "They’re fine.. I suppose if we’re…to be dragons.. we should act like them." 

Exhaling, Sally tried to re-channel those inner emotions she first felt after morphing into a dragon. Claws digging into the ground, her pupils thinned. Stitched lips twitched into a snarl, and the creature launched herself forward towards the heard of animals, latching onto a cow. Claws dug into it’s sides, and her head craned to bite down.

     "Perhaps we should, but that does not mean I will; I am not eating uncooked food,” he rumbled with a slight shake of his head, though the comment was more to himself than anything. Leaving the Sally dragon to eating, Hook craned his head around to Chernabog and Mickey, then lowered it to their level.

     Close enough to breathe on the small toon, his green gaze flicked to the bat-like individual as he spoke again, "Unless you need to do something else to us, I’ll take the mouse and y’ can return to whatever you had to do before our arrival. We will be on our way in a few minutes."

Mickey kept his eyes closed tightly, but hearing them talking about eating made his own little stomach growl pitifully.  He didn’t realize it earlier, but gosh he was really hungry too!

He peeked when he felt something like warm wind and looked up to see the dragon face of his captain. Slowly, timidly, he reached up towards Hook’s face.  His Hook was still in there, Mickey knew that now.  And they were going to protect him no matter what.

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Now, I don’t watch OUAT as much as I should, but apparently Yensid showed up.

Now I know this won’t happen but I can’t help imagining a little boy with black hair in a red robe going around and cleaning things up and when Emma/whoever asks who this kid is Yensid says “this is my apprentice, Michael, he is destined for greatness” and Emma blinks and then puts it together in her head and is doing everything possible not to go yell NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE


AHAHAHA TEMPTING VERY MUCH SO, but i gotta to do some real catching up on the show

right now I’m thinking that “Michael” is only a smidgen older than Henry and they become instant BFFs, and Henry convinces Michael to 1) run away and join the team and 2) “borrow” Yensid’s hat (although michael mentions the last time he did this… it did not end well.) 

and elsewhere little!Minerva is a kidnapped princess and they have to give her a magic ring and the whole arc thing is about Mickey having to grow up and be mature and when the ring is given back to Minerva, it turns out they had their memories and real ages blockd off to hide them from some greater evil but now they’re ready to kick ass in the name of true love

and all the while emma is having a mental crisis as she is wondering if donald and goofy are real too

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You can mess up my mind,
                           break my body
                                   shatter my soul

                                         I don’t care.

                                                        But if you harm,
                                                             The people that I love
                                                                   If they shed a single tear?                                                                                 A drop of blood?

                            [I WILL DESTROY YOU.] 

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That looks scarier than it should…..must be the angle.

Omg yeahI need some lightning in that background


Meme - still accepting

7. Drunk and about to try and drive home from a party

     “It’s none of my business, but are y’ sure you can drive that wheeled metal contraption in your,” he paused as he watched the wobbling mouse for a moment, “…current condition?” Hook suspected the answer was ‘no,’ especially after having more than one root beer, but hoped the mouse would realize it on his own.

     If he didn’t, the pirate was considering not allowing it anyway, even if against the other’s will.

Mickey had only planned on having just one root beer, a diet root beer at that as he was going to have fun and talk to Hook about a map he’d found.. But Pete just had to egg him on to have a root beer drinking contest, and Mickey couldn’t turn him down!  He’d be called a chicken for weeks!  Mickey won, but now the mouse was wobbling badly, probably Pete’s intention to begin with.

"I…I…" Mickey said as he sort of wobbled right into Hook’s leg. "..don’t think so. I-I’m sorry. This was supposed ta be a fun night but I ruined it."



Send me “Help!” to see how my character would help yours (or if they would at all) in bad situations.

26. Being held at gunpoint

"HEY! YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY BROTHER!" Oswald yelled before throwing his arm as a boomerang towards the man holding the gun and knocking it away.

Mickey had been walking down the street when a crazed person grabbed him from behind, and he felt the cold steel of a gun barrel on the back of his head.  The mouse was terrified, thankfully Oswald wasn’t too far away at the time.

The moment the gun was knocked from the man’s hand Mickey tried to make a run for it, but the man had grabbed the mouse’s arm and yanked it behind him.  “Os!! Help!!”

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Disneyland Resort Paris: Halloween 2014:)

OMG THat’s the dress she wears in Disney Magical World for Halloween, nix the hand mask, but that’s basically what she wears!



Oogie’s Popcorn


But I’d be so scared if that moved on its own…

((It does move))