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Maleficent Attacking Cinderella’s Castle


Maleficent Attacking Cinderella’s Castle

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smalladventurer asked: Mickey looked up at Jafar. "S-Sure has been a while." ((WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!))


A sneer formed on Jafar’s face as he looked down upon Mickey. “Indeed. What do you want, Vermin? I have no time to waste on childish rats,” ((ello XD))

"I’m not a rat." Mickey pouted. "And can’t a mouse say hi ta somebody? I haven’t seen ya, was kinda worried somethin’ happened to ya."

smalladventurer asked: Mickey looked up at the princess. "Uhm..h-hiya?"






Jasmine looked at the mouse and grinned at him. “Well, hello there!” She said. “I am princess Jasmine. You can just call me Jasmine though.” She giggled.

"Gosh a princess?" He said taking a quick bow. "It’s an honor ta meet ya. My name is Mickey. Where are ya from?" He asked curiously. "Ya sure are pretty."

Jasmine blushed slightly and smiled. “Why, thank you! I am from a wonderful place called Agrabah.” She said. “Mickey is a wonderful name, by the way.” 

"Aww gee….ya really think so?" mickey asked bashfully. "Agrabah sounds so mysterious though! What’s it like?"

"Of course I really think so." She smiled as she thought of her home. "Agrabah is amazing. There is so much to see, so many places to go, and there are a lot of very kind people." 

"Gosh, it sounds amazin’.  Maybe someday I’ll have ta come visit! Any great spots for treasure out that way?" He asked curiously.  If there was one thing the mouse loved more than adventure, it was treasure!

Sea Caves: Ariel and Mickey



Mickey smiled up at Ariel. “That makes a lotta more sense ta me.  But, me and water don’t exactly get along..” He laughed nervously. “L-like back in the cave. I owe ya big time.”

     "No problem, I'm glad I was there to take out tho, I would hate to imagine what would've happened if I wasn't." Ariel said. "But perhaps you should try to go slowly into the water? I can help you with that if you want." She offered. It wouldn't be too hard, she hoped.

Mickey nodded at the idea. “I’d like that very much Ariel.  With ya helpin me, m-maybe I can get a little comfortable?  And…and later I can take ya out on my boat?  As thanks for savin’ me and helpin’ me out?”

my muse has been put on display in a freak show. What does your muse do?

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     ”Hey Mickey!”, Rapunzel chirped, waving at the mouse with enthusiasm. “Haven’t seen you in a while. Are you doing alright?


"Hiya princess!!" Mickey said running up to give her a big hug. "I missed ya!  Where ya been hidin’?"

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Dee’s favorite photos of W a l t e r  E l i a s  D i s n e y

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Give me a character and I’ll tell you my headcanon for:

  • What they smell like:
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):
  • What music they enjoy:
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning:
  • Their favorite thing to collect:
  • Left or right-handed:

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Guess my character’s romantic weaknesses.

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"Happiness is not about having or not having problems. Everyone has problems but not everyone is unhappy." - Mickey Mouse | More at http://MovieAndQuotes.tumblr.com


"Happiness is not about having or not having problems. Everyone has problems but not everyone is unhappy." - Mickey Mouse | More at http://MovieAndQuotes.tumblr.com


"The Great Gawrsh-Durn Champion" (1957)


"The Great Gawrsh-Durn Champion" (1957)